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511, 2020

Raising Canada 2020 – Top 10 Threats to Childhood in Canada and the Impact of COVID-19

November 5, 2020|Tags: , , , |

This report is provided by Children First Canada; the University of Calgary O’Brien Institute for Public Health; and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute. It includes Statistics Canada data from the 2019 Canadian Health Survey on Children and Youth, and [...]

3009, 2020

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Niagara Women in the Workforce

September 30, 2020|Tags: , , |

The Brock University Niagara Community Observatory and the Niagara Workforce Planning Board have partnered to highlight the gender impacts of the economic shutdown during the pandemic. The group uses the latest job numbers from Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey (February [...]

2109, 2020

COVID-19 Decision-Making: A Social Impact Tool for Social Purpose-driven Organizations

September 21, 2020|Tags: , , , |

The McConnell Foundation developed this tool to assist social purpose-driven organizations to address the challenge of pivoting their business models, to play their role in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. This resource will be of interest to leaders who are called [...]

2109, 2020

Growing Close to Home: Creating Complete Rural Communities

September 21, 2020|Tags: , , |

Complete communities provide residents with easy access to a variety of services and amenities, are attractive for businesses and employers, offer diverse housing options for different age groups and incomes, enable the efficient use of existing services and infrastructure, support [...]

1109, 2020

Peer Support Navigators: Easing Health Systems Navigation for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness in Niagara (Event Recording)

September 11, 2020|Tags: , , |

This recording of the September 02, 2020 webinar shares information about the Niagara HELPS (Homelessness Emergency Liaison & Peer Support) project. Niagara HELPS is a new peer initiative that involves individuals with lived experience utilizing both their compassion and knowledge [...]

1009, 2020

RETURN TO THE WORKPLACE: A Psychological Toolkit For Heading Back To Work

September 10, 2020|Tags: , , , |

This toolkit is a guide to support the mental health of individuals as they plan safe transitions back into their workplaces and to help employers as they develop policies and procedures for supporting staff returning to work. It contains information [...]

2508, 2020

Strategies for Social Connection Among Isolated Older Adults

August 25, 2020|Tags: , , , |

This resource presents a model for social connectedness that focuses on how older adults can change their thinking, feeling, and connections to reduce their distress during periods of isolation. Service providers and older adults can work together (even over the [...]

1708, 2020

State of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Canada 2020 report highlights

August 17, 2020|Tags: , , |

This resource presents highlights of the first annual report from the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH). The report synthesizes government, academic, and expert research to highlight some of the structural barriers facing diverse women entrepreneurs in Canada. The report shows [...]

1408, 2020

NRT OnDemand: Niagara Regional Transit Ridesharing Pilot Project for Communities in West Niagara

August 14, 2020|Tags: , , |

NRT OnDemand is a ridesharing pilot project for communities in West Niagara. The new service launches Monday, August 17, 2020. Rather than operating on a fixed route like conventional transit services, NRT OnDemand lets riders request trips in real-time through [...]

608, 2020

CIHI’s Health Data and Information Governance and Capability Framework

August 6, 2020|Tags: , , |

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) consulted with more than 200 health systems leaders in 2018 and 2019 to identify practical actions to systematically improve the use of health data and information (HDI). The resulting framework was developed to [...]

3007, 2020

Ageism’s Influence On How Older People Are Viewed and How They View Themselves

July 30, 2020|Tags: , , |

Originally Broadcasted on July 28, 2020 Hosted by: brainXchange in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA). Presented by: Alison Chasteen, PhD, Professor and Graduate Chair, Department of Psychology, University of [...]

907, 2020

Virtual Care for Mental Health and Substance Use During COVID-19 [infographic]

July 9, 2020|Tags: , , |

A one-page poster that provides information about accessing virtual care for substance use and mental health during COVID-19. It highlights the importance of seeking mental health and substance use care early and provides a list of virtual care options that [...]