Living in Niagara-2020 report

2021-06-11T10:54:28-04:00June 4, 2021|Arts, Culture & Heritage, Community Belonging, Community Safety, Economic Prosperity, Environment, Health & Wellness, Housing & Shelter, Learning & Education, People Getting Started (2008 – 2017), Recreation & Sports, Resources & Publications, Transportation & Mobility, Work & Employment|

The Living in Niagara report provides a snapshot of the quality of life in the Niagara-wide community. The report combines [...]

Gendered Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Proportion of Canadian Youth Neither in Employment Nor Education at Start of 2020/21 School Year

2021-05-27T09:28:18-04:00May 27, 2021|Community Belonging, Learning & Education, Resources & Publications, Work & Employment|

A new study released May 25, 2021 shows that, at the start of the 2020/2021 school year, when faced with unprecedented youth [...]

Indigenous Employment Engagement in Niagara: Social Knowing, Discrimination, and the Importance of Indigenous Resources

2021-04-16T10:03:52-04:00March 9, 2021|Arts, Culture & Heritage, Community Belonging, Resources & Publications, Work & Employment|

This report presents findings of 2017–2018 exploratory, inquiry-based research funded by the Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund (OHCRIF). [...]