Simply put, belonging is being part of a collective we. It’s about how much we believe we fit in a group or place – and how much that place or group welcomes or includes us. It’s the result of connecting with others in rich relationships and engaging in our communities to make them better. Belonging is fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being. Each of us has a personal connection to the idea of belonging that is influenced by our experiences with the people, places, and identities to which we feel connected. So where do we belong? What do we belong to? A community, a workplace, a sub-culture – these are all things to which we may belong.

This national Vital Signs report shines the spotlight on compelling data and stories that demonstrate the power of the arts to build a greater sense of belonging to our communities, to our country, and to each other.

This is the second report in a 3-part series that includes Sport & Belonging and Belonging: Exploring Connection to Community.

Published By: Community Foundations of Canada

Publication Date: April 2017

View Vital Signs: Arts and Belonging

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