The report looks specifically at 30 governments that have made concrete commitments to champion open data, either by adopting the Open Data Charter, or, as members of the G20, by signing up to the G20 Anti-Corruption Open Data Principles.

The biggest action governments can take to speed up progress is to start investing the significant resources needed to build the policies, practices and infrastructure that will drive this transformation. The report outlines a number of specific recommendations that governments can make in three key areas:

  1. Put “open by default” into action
  2. Build and consolidate open data infrastructure
  3. Publish data with purpose

Canada and the UK are tied this year for first place. Canada has advanced steadily, retaining its position as a top performer for the past five years and rising to the top in this edition. The government’s continued progress reflects a strong performance in virtually all areas — from policies to implementation. Its consistent political backing has been one the keys to its success. As Canada starts to show substantial evidence of the impact of this focus on open data across the government, social, and economic sectors, we can see this approach starting to pay off.

For more information about open data in Canada: Canadian Open Data Summit 2018

Published By: World Wide Web Foundation

Publication Date: September 2018

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