The Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan: Booklet consists of five goals developed to advance the Niagara Age Friendly Community Initiative’s vision of “a caring community that optimizes opportunities for overall well being to enhance quality of life as people age”. The goals are supported by 20 objectives that will be achieved through the execution of 70 suggested strategies.

This implementation template is a companion document to the full project report. It identifies over 100 actions to execute the strategies and this number will likely double as the plan is built out further. The document is not a conventional plan, but rather is a template to help in marshalling existing assets, ensuring coordination of efforts in the implementation of action plans and monitoring progress over time. In addition to specific actions, time frames, deliverables and outcome indicators the implementation template identifies key organizations, groups and individuals that could provide energy and resources to move the Aging Strategy and Action Plan forward.

The template will be a perpetual draft, changing frequently as strategies and actions are executed and new ones are identified.

Additional companion documents include:

Published By: Niagara Age-Friendly Community Network

Publication Date: April 2015

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