On November 7th, 2013 Niagara Connects, in partnership with the Niagara Age-Friendly Community Network, hosted a webinar entitled “Through an Age-Friendly Lens: Planning for an Inclusive and Economically Vibrant Niagara.” This webinar was just one part of a much larger and ongoing conversation about age-friendly work in Niagara. To help continue this dialogue, our presenters, Paula Gardner and Dominic Ventresca have provided additional context and resources in response to participant questions that were unable to be addressed during the event.

Additional supplementary material includes the Niagara Age-Friendly Webinar Event Recording, the Niagara Age-Friendly Webinar Supplementary Resources, the Niagara Age-Friendly Community Network profile, the Niagara Age-Friendly Community Initiative: Year 3 Final Evaluation Report, the World Health Organization Age-Friendly Principles, the blog entitled “What is Age-Friendly? How do you fit in?“, and the Brock University Student Radio interview with Paula Gardner.

Contact: Paula Gardner, pgardner2@brocku.ca or Dominic Ventresca, d.ventresca@sympatico.ca

Publication Date: November, 2015

View Niagara Age-Friendly Webinar: Additional Questions and Answers

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