The Living in Niagara report provides a snapshot of the quality of life in the Niagara-wide community. The report combines data, information, and front-line community expert opinion, to draw an evidence-informed picture of life in Niagara now; to point to what is emerging; and to identify suggested community action to address issues of common concern.

The Living in Niagara Sectors align with the Social Determinants of Health.

The Sectors form the base of both the Living in Niagara report and the Niagara Knowledge Exchange. These integrated tools are facilitated by Niagara Connects, to support focused, holistic planning for a stronger future.

Evidence presented in the Living in Niagara report is used by people, organizations, institutions, researchers, educators, and businesses to inform priority-setting; to make the business case for investment; to support partnerships; and to learn about what’s emerging in the Niagara context.

Published By: Niagara Connects

Publication Date: May 2021

Click here to view: Living in Niagara-2020 report

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