The Indigenous Institutes Collaborative (IIC) raises awareness and increases the profile of Ontario’s Indigenous post-secondary education (PSE) institutions, learners and communities. The Indigenous model for PSE focuses on supporting learners throughout their lives and within their communities.

The IIC’s PSE model is designed to achieve three goals:

  • Student success
  • Community impact
  • Building strong Indigenous institutions

The IIC Regional Model in Ontario rests on four foundations:

  • A lifelong, holistic, Indigenous approach to learning
  • Institutions that are mandated and led by First Nations
  • A sound and transparent legislative and regulatory framework
  • Core funding to institutions for operations and capital

In 2017, the Government of Ontario passed The Indigenous Institutes Act, recognizing Ontario’s Indigenous-owned and operated Institutes as a foundational pillar of Ontario’s Post-Secondary Education system, sitting alongside the province’s colleges and universities.

The Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities website provides related information:

There are nine Indigenous Institutes in Ontario. They provide opportunities for students to start and complete postsecondary education credentials in a flexible, personalized and culturally
responsive learning environment. The Institutes currently partner with colleges and universities to offer:

  • Degree programs
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Certificate programs
  • Diplomas

Some of the Institutes also provide: high school programs; continuing education courses; literacy and basic skills training; and Indigenous language education programs.

Published By: Indigenous Institutes Consortium
Publication Date: 2022

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