Every year Community Foundations of Canada releases Canada’s Vital Signs, a national snapshot of quality of life in Canadian communities. And every year issues concerning youth rise to the top of the agenda – ranging from unemployment to varying high school completion rates and the challenges posed by record levels of inactivity and obesity.

This year the national network, which connects more than 180 community foundations from coast to coast, concentrated solely on youth issues – collecting disparate research from many sources to create a more complete picture of Canada’s young people. Under examination, the data tells a story of massive economic, demographic and social shifts that have dramatically altered the landscape for Canadian youth.

Author: Dominique O’Rourke, Accolade Communications

Published by: Community Foundations of Canada and Vital Signs, info@cfc-fcc.ca

Publication Date: October, 2012

View #Generation Flux: Understanding the Seismic Shifts that are Shaking Canada’s Youth

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