This report presents results of a 2021 study of older adult volunteerism in the Age-Friendly Niagara movement. Brock University researchers worked in partnership with the Age-Friendly Niagara Council, local municipal older adult advisory committees and municipal staff.  Eight key informant interviews and nine focus groups were held, with a total of 64 older adult volunteers and community champions across Niagara.

The report describes:

  • the history and many of the tangible and significant changes driven by older adult volunteers at both the local municipal and the regional level, which have established the Age-Friendly movement in Niagara as a leader in the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Age-Friendly Cities and Community movement
  • how collaboration and partnerships between forward-thinking community leaders, talented older adult volunteers with rich life experiences, combined with the political will of local governments, have helped each local community spread and grow the seeds of  “community for all ages” across Niagara
  • the invaluable role of stable support – budgetary, staff, and political – from the local municipal government, mayor, and councilors to the success and growth of the local older adult advisory committee
  • the voices of many older adult volunteers regarding their motivations, perceived benefits and barriers, and concrete suggestions about how to sustain efforts in community volunteering in Niagara.
  • challenges and opportunities for community volunteering in general, posed by the COVID 19 pandemic. “Participants’ insights make an important contribution to organizations and individuals seeking strategies to build a resilient community volunteering network in this challenging time”.

Published By: Brock University, in partnership with the Age-Friendly Niagara Council
Publication Date: January 2023

Click here to access the Community Study Report

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