In recognition of Caregivers Week in Alberta May 5-11, 2019, two infographics were co-created with Caregivers Alberta and provincial government stakeholders. The infographics help raise awareness about the contributions that 965,000 caregivers in Alberta make, saving the Alberta health care system $5.8 billion each year based on hiring replacement workers at Alberta’s minimum wage of $15/hr. The infographics highlight the impact of caregiving on Alberta caregivers’ employment, financial security, health, and relationships.

Authors: Jacquie Eales, Choong Kim, Sandy Sereda, Janet Fast

Published By: Research on Aging, Policies and Practice (RAPP)

Publication Date: May 2019

View Caregivers in Alberta: Economic Costs and Contributions

View Caregivers in Alberta: Impact of Caregiving on Well-being

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