This Statistics Canada study used data from the 2020 General Social Survey – Social Identity, to look at personal agreement with the values of human rights, respect for law, gender equality, linguistic duality, ethnic and cultural diversity, and respect for Indigenous cultures.

In 2020, most Canadians (86%) strongly valued human rights. Similar levels of agreement were seen for gender equality (81%) and respect for the law (80%). Just over two-thirds of Canadians greatly agreed with the values of respecting Indigenous cultures (68%) and ethnocultural diversity (67%). A light majority (55%) of people greatly supported linguistic duality.

Other study highlights include:

  • Women are more likely than men to agree with most social and democratic values
  • Agreement with social and democratic values tend to be lower among seniors
  • Immigrants are more likely to agree with multiculturalism
  • Respect for Indigenous cultures is highly valued by First Nations people, Inuit and Métis

Published By: Statistics Canada
Publication Date: May 30, 2023

Click here to access An Examination of Gender Differences in Social and Democratic Values in Canada

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