This document provides a call to action: to address COVID-19 impacts on older adults across Niagara and related challenges in our community by continually sharing and implementing leading practices and innovative ideas.

In 2020, Age-Friendly Niagara gathered leaders across Niagara to describe COVID-19 impacts on Niagara’s older adults.  The leaders were individuals representing local municipal older adult advisory committees across Niagara; community organizations speaking for diverse residents; educators; government; non-profits and businesses.

The call to action focuses on 3 theme areas:

  • Staying Well
    • Mental Health, Physical Fitness
    • Social Isolation and Loneliness
  • Staying Safe
    • Food Security
    • Long Term Care and Retirement Homes
  • Staying Connected
    • Local Municipal Seniors/Age-Friendly/Wellness Advisory Committees in Niagara
    • Improved Virtual Connections
    • Transportation/safe Access to Services, Programs

Publication Date:  October, 2020

Published By: Age-Friendly Niagara

Click here to view:  Addressing COVID-19 Impacts on Niagara’s Older Adults 

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