Leadership Niagara is a community-owned initiative supported by Niagara’s most-recognized organizations and businesses, all of which are dedicated to building stronger leaders within our community. Currently, Leadership Niagara is accepting applications for the following:

1. 2013-2014 Leadership Cohort: Leadership Niagara is seeking applicants who: are emerging leaders in the private, public and voluntary sector; are passionate, entrepreneurial individuals who have a desire to affect real community change; are employees in a middle management role or individuals who are looking to transition themselves into a middle management role within their organization; have an interest in the well-being of the Niagara community. This program is designed for people interested in developing their leadership skills, giving back tangibly to their community and becoming part of a network of community leaders

2. Projects: Leadership Niagara is seeking local non-for-profits looking for help moving a strategic project forward. This program is designed to: provide your organization with a team of four to six leaders eager to apply their skills and give back to the community, help your organization tackle a project currently beyond your resources, connect your organization with emerging leaders from private, public and voluntary sectors and address community issues while fostering collaboration.

For more information on how to apply for either of these programs, visit www.leadershipniagara.com

Mario De Divitis
Executive Director
Leadership Niagara

Email: leadership.niagara@brocku.ca
Phone: (905) 688-5550 Ext. 5928

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