Geospatial Niagara is an organization that seeks to promote geo-literacy and the field of geography and related disciplines within all grade levels and age groups and to engage all citizens of Niagara in participatory geography. Niagara has two world class post-secondary institutions in Brock University and Niagara College. Each has first-class programs in Geography and related disciplines (Environmental Science, Geographic Information Systems etc.). Niagara is positioned to capitalize on the growth of geospatial technology and the geospatial information industry. Geospatial Niagara is seeking volunteers to help spread the “Geographappiness” through school and community outreach events. Nature/environment, geology, transportation, planning, the list is endless on how geography touches our day to day lives. Be a part of it! One project, “TreeOcode Niagara,” brings together a group of Niagara-involved stakeholders to implement a volunteer led initiative to use a crowd-sourcing approach to building and sustaining a comprehensive tree inventory across the entire Niagara Region. This is being done utilizing smartphone apps feeding an open spatial database. The work of Geospatial Niagara is also highlighted in the Sustainable Niagara Action Database.

Darren Platakis
Geospatial Niagara


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