Future Black Female is a feminist-informed organization that was formed in 2019 to support Black female youth aged 16-22 to rise and pursue better outcomes in academic, socioeconomic, political, and civic arenas. The organization addresses systemic barriers by: creating and advocating for equal and inclusive employment opportunities for Black women in the labour force; and creating awareness in the corporate sector to ensure the implementation of strong hiring strategies; encourage workplace diversity and address employment requirements that have contributed to the exclusion of young Black women, such as job requirements that may contain hidden systemic biases. Lastly, establish a network of Black women that facilitates intergenerational interactions and advocates for leadership and executive positions for Black women in their communities and Canada-wide.

Since 2019, Future Black Female has successfully launched and implemented various projects in partnership with various organizations. Our projects are funded by Niagara Community Foundation, Canadian Women Foundations and Women Gender and Equality.

Our programs include:

  • Financial Wellbeing Program- Which introduces the concept of financial management skills, including planning, saving, spending, budgeting, tax return, investment and so on.
  • Mental Wellbeing program: Mental Health Services focusing specifically for Black girls aged 16-22 in Canada
  • Career and Education Wellbeing program: Providing Culturally Relevant and Responsive Career Pathways for Black Women in Ontario

Future Black Female will continue to increase access and create opportunities for the participation of Black women in academic and economic opportunities, as well as to provide tools that amplify Black women’s voices and propel them into leadership positions. in addition, to increase greater community capacities to focus on systemic barriers to employment, justice, and social participation.

To Learn More Visit: https://www.futureblackfemale.com/

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