Data helps us to explore patterns and trends to strengthen planning and see opportunities in Niagara differently, through the lens of relevant, reliable evidence.

The Data and Knowledge Niagara Reference Group designed a Data in Niagara Inventory survey to draw a picture of the data continuum in Niagara. You are invited to take 15 minutes to complete the survey by May 15th to help us better understand qualities of data in Niagara.

Results from this survey will inform construction of the Niagara Data Repository and Refinery tool. Niagara Connects is facilitating this work, in support of the #Rethink Niagara systems approach to investing in people initiative.

For the purposes of this survey, data is defined as “a series of observations, measurements, or facts that can be analyzed and interpreted to create information to support focused planning and decision-making”.

Survey responses will contribute to clearly illustrating how data is currently being used every day by people, organizations, businesses, and networks across Niagara. This will help to profile:

  • who is gathering, sharing, and using data in our community;
  • how they are doing this (e.g. in what formats); and
  • provide some insight as to why people are doing this, for the purpose of identifying opportunities.

We Want to Hear From You

Please invest 15 minutes to complete the survey by May 15th to help illustrate ways data can inform planning for a stronger future for all in Niagara.
Mary Wiley
Executive Director
Niagara Connects
(905) 688-6236

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