Sparks of innovation occur when data is openly shared and put into the hands of people. The Niagara Open Data portal ( is Niagara’s newest tool for sharing of open data sets. It is a welcome complement to our community’s Living in Niagara Report and Niagara Knowledge Exchange (NKE) tools.

Together, these tools provide powerful support for people, organizations and businesses to make evidence-informed, focused plans and wise decisions, leading to a stronger future for Niagara.

This builds on our Niagara-wide community’s collaborative work to strengthen our capacity for openly sharing data, information and knowledge, which began in 2005 with the construction of Niagara Connects.

Niagara Open Data provides people with open access to the growing catalogue of Niagara-specific, freely shared data. The 191 data sets currently on the portal range from civic addresses, road networks and heritage properties to the Living in Niagara report Sector ratings in 2008, 2011 and 2014.

Currently, a total of 8 organizations are openly sharing data sets on the portal:

For over a decade, the Niagara-wide community has been building its ability to gather, share and understand the usefulness of relevant, reliable information, knowledge and data to inform planning for a stronger future. How would you like to be involved in strengthening Niagara’s capacity for thriving in a data-driven world?

Mary Wiley,
Executive Director, Niagara Connects


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