Smart Cities empower communities to address real issues through the use of data and connected technology.

The Government of Canada has created the Smart City Challenge and is calling on communities across the country to bring forward their best ideas for improving the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology. The challenge is aimed at empowering communities across the country to address local issues their residents face using a smart cities approach.

Niagara Region is excited to support our communities and local partners in developing their submissions for the Smart Cities Challenge and we need your help.

Our approach is to engage with Niagara’s citizens, community groups, and local businesses to ensure we leverage local experiences and expertise. We want to know what issues are facing your community and how a smart cities approach can help deliver a solution.

Answer the survey and share your million-dollar idea – think BIG!

Survey Link:

Updated: A second survey has been released to find out how Niagarans feel connected to their communities. Click here to take this survey as well to share how you belong

Connie McCutcheon
IT Solutions, Corporate Services
Niagara Region

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