The Data and Knowledge Niagara Reference Group is describing qualities of data for Niagara, by:

  • identifying people and organizations working in data in Niagara and beyond;
  • building an inventory of who is gathering data in Niagara, and how they are using and sharing data; and
  • describing the relationship between data, information, and knowledge.

Establishing a common working definition is an important step toward describing qualities of data for Niagara.

Data can be defined as:

  • facts and figures, that, when interpreted, become information meaningful to the user”;
  • a series of observations, measurements, or facts that can be analyzed and interpreted to create information to support focused planning and decision-making”.

Which of these definitions resonates with you? Click here to complete a 3-question poll to answer that question. By doing so, you will help to strengthen the work of the Data and Knowledge Niagara Reference Group.

Mary Wiley
Executive Director, Niagara Connects

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