The Niagara Food Security Network (NFSN) is continuing to work on improving food security in Niagara. One of the current initiatives presented at a recent NFSN meeting is a long-term Collective Impact Project.

In 2020, the NFSN created a project team and applied to Innoweave with a goal of developing a Food Security Collective Impact Project. Innoweave was established by the McConnell Foundation to support nonprofits and charities in being more impact-oriented and continuously innovative to achieve greater results for the people they serve, and foster large-scale and lasting social innovation. The NFSN project team has since been working with the support of Innoweave experts to co-develop the Food Security Collective Impact Project. This work will continue over the next year.

The collective approach brings together different agencies, industries, sectors and populations in collaboration to strengthen the food system, particularly for vulnerable, marginalized and at-risk individuals in the region, with a long-term aim of making Niagara food secure.

The NFSN is currently in Phase One of the two-year development of this project, which includes developing an Intended Impact Statement and Theory of Change with a work plan outlining activities and strategies.

  • Development of Intended Impact Statement
  • Theory of Change

The next step is to validate both the Intended Impact Statement and Theory of Change. This is currently in progress as the project team dialogues with key informants and interested and affected parties over the next few weeks. This dialogue involves asking a series of key questions to ensure our Theory of Change will achieve our Intended Impact and Outcomes. The voices and work of different people, groups, agencies and sectors are being reflected.

The project team will present an update on the validation process at the December 1, 2021 meeting of the NFSN.

Anyone interested in learning more about the NFSN Collective Impact Project or how to be involved in this work, please contact:

Tamara Coleman-Lawrie
Niagara Food Security Network facilitator

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