Bertie and Clinton Mutual (BCM) Insurance Company’s 1880 origins are based in serving community. BCM’s early roots were established by a group of farmers who were unable to find fire insurance at a reasonable cost. They ultimately got together to form their own insurance company.

The company is now expanding the way it serves its community. At BCM’s March, 2019 annual meeting of policy owners, Board Chair Howard Augustine launched the company’s new Community Grants Program. BCM will annually invest more than $200,000 to strengthen local non-profit organizations’ capacity to continue to strengthen Niagara’s communities.

This funding will support two types of initiatives:

  1. Capital projects or equipment purchases that can be sustained on an on-going basis beyond BCM Insurance funding.
  2. Special events taking place in the Niagara community.

The 2019 deadlines for grant applications are June 1st and November 1st.  Further details can be found at

Liz Palmieri
Community Grants Administrator
BCM Insurance

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