This report is provided to better prepare workers for the future of Canada’s labour market. It outlines 8 megatrends and 34 related meso trends that have the potential to impact employment in Canada by 2030.

Yesterday’s Gone builds on work released in March 2019 as part of the Employment in 2030 initiative, Turn and Face the Strange: Changes impacting the future of employment in Canada, which identified 31 broad trends impacting the future of employment. This 2021 report revisits many of the 31 trends, to explore technological, social, economic, environmental, and political changes, including those influenced by COVID-19, to inform the design of skill demand programs and policy responses.

Publisher: Brookfield Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Ryerson University

Publication Date: February 2021

Click here to view:  Yesterday’s Gone: Exploring Possible Futures of Canada’s Labour Market in a Post-COVID World


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