This is Policy Brief #50 in the Brock University Niagara Community Observatory series.

Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters, associate professor at Brock’s Faculty of Education, writes about the importance of arts and arts education as we emerge from the pandemic. She writes: “The positive policy impacts of having a vibrant arts and culture community ticks many boxes. The arts and arts education promote innovation and are found to have a positive impact on an artist’s self-fulfillment and confidence, on the inclusion of diverse populations, and the acceptance of marginalized communities across Canada, including our Indigenous Peoples. A lively arts and culture scene is also known to increase the quality of life for all local residents, contribute to the economy, as well as attract and retain a younger demographic.” Dr. Winters uses vignettes to highlight the role of the arts in empowering people and provides recommendations for policy-makers to support the sector as the economy opens up.

Published by: Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters, Faculty of Education – Brock University

Published date: May 2021

Click here to view: What’s Art Got To Do With It?

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