Unflood Ontario seeks to bring public attention to the growing flooding concerns.  Water has to go somewhere. Urbanization while necessary, when done without consideration for the environment, leads to spaces that cause more harm than good.

Unflood Ontario focuses on Natural Infrastructure as a simple, affordable solution that also produces multiple social, economic, and environmental benefits. Natural Infrastructure includes trees, green roofs, rain barrels, and depaving. All of these interventions result in cleaner air, more beautiful urban spaces for social enjoyment, mental health and physical activity, and less flooding.

In 2019, the Durham, Toronto, and Niagara Community Foundations wanted to inform more people about the many benefits of natural infrastructure, particularly about its role in reducing the harm done by flooding. These foundations, supported by The Small Change Fund, created Unflood Ontario, which is also part of the Great Lakes One Water Initiative (GLOWI). The GLOWI is dedicated to improving Great Lakes water quality through community action across the Great Lakes Basin.

Published by: Unflood Ontario, a partnership of Niagara, Durham and Toronto Community Foundations

Publication Date: April 2021

Click here to view: unfloodontario.ca

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