How can the board of a single hospital make a meaningful improvement in the health of a city – not only in terms of patients’ health, but also with respect to crime, water, shelter, employment and other pressing urban issues?

It can’t.

If, on the other hand, the boards of several hospitals – along with those of relevant Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and private sector institutions – were to collaborate, the city’s collective good could be very well served. This is the simple proposition that underlies the concept of collaborative governance – defined as a structured process in which boards with a common interest engage in joint needs analysis, planning and implementation in service of the collective good, and then share accountability for outcomes.

This resource provides good background for the Reputation Checklist. You can learn more about the Checklist and how to implement it in your practice here.

Contact: Carissa Lewis;

Publication Date: May, 2014

View The Promise – and Challenge – of Collaborative Governance

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