With more than 19,000 registered students, 4,800 faculty and staff, and an annual operating budget of $320 million, exactly how much does Brock University contribute to the local economy?

This policy brief contains findings from a pilot study examining Brock University’s economic impact on the Niagara region and Ontario. It is an overview of the full analysis, which can be found online. These economic impacts are estimated using two different methods, and which capture some combination of static and dynamic economic impacts. Static impacts correspond to those estimated for the fiscal year under analysis, in this instance, 2017-18. Dynamic impacts correspond to those estimated over many decades. Before turning to the methodology, we wish to emphasize that this is a pilot project.

It is expected that future iterations of this analysis will develop on the procedures used here, reflecting both advances in the field and identification of new data sources. As such, reports for future years may not be directly comparable with the findings presented here. With that said, the findings in this report are based on the most conservative assumptions, as the research team opted to undercount rather than inflate Brock’s economic impact.

Authors: Jeff Boggs & Lauren Peddle

Published By: Niagara Community Observatory

Publication Date: October 2018

View The Brock University Effect Policy Brief

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