As a group, adults with developmental disabilities (DD) have poorer health and greater difficulty accessing primary care than does the general population. These 2011 Canadian Consensus Guidelines and Tools identify health care risks associated with developmental disability and provide recommendations and strategies to health care practitioners in providing better health care support to this vulnerable population. This is also an excellent source of information for individuals who have developmental disability and their caregivers (family & paid).

Authors: William F. Sullivan, Joseph M. Berg, Elspeth Bradley, Tom Chetham, Richard Denton, John Heng, Brian Hennan, David Joyce, Maureen Kelly, Marika Korossy, Yona Lunsky & Shirley McMillan.

Published By: Canadian Family Physician

Publication Date: May, 2011

Contact: Surrey Place Centre,

View Primary Care of Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Canadian Consensus Guidelines

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