This Plan, which began in September, 2005, details the City of Welland values and governing principles, vision for 2025, five-year strategy for action and supplemental recommendations. The following key objectives are incorporated:

  • To cover all aspects of parks and recreation from arts and culture to individual and team sports, and outdoor activities such as nature appreciation, hiking and bicycling
  • To be based on the well documented personal, social, economic and environmental benefits of parks, and recreation and culture/arts services.
  • To research recreation and culture/arts interests, needs, barriers, priorities and trends.
  • To profile the nature of the community and anticipated changes in population and leisure interests.
  • To address the issue of aging facilities and account for new and renovated facilities.
  • To define the future leisure service role of the City, including arts and culture.
  • To consider ways to encourage increased co-ordination, co-operation and partnering among leisure service providers.
  • To examine the role and potential of volunteers and recommend ways to assist volunteers involved in leisure services.
  • To examine and promote the potential for partnerships and other strategic alliances.
  • To suggest ways to improve the promotion of leisure opportunities for residents and visitors.
  • To prepare a long range view of what parks, facilities and leisure services should be like in the future, and identify priority actions to be taken in the first three to five years to begin to realize the Plan.
  • To develop a strategy that reflects community needs and priorities, and the financial realities of the City and key providers.

Prepared By: The RETHINK GROUP Leisure Services Planning and Management Peterborough, Ontario with the assistance of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Plan Committee, the Welland Parks and Recreation Department, and the Tourism Company

Publication Date: September 2006

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