Ontario’s VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) wine and grape industry has a common vision that, “by 2030 Ontario’s wine consumers will confidently choose our VQA wines over imported

Two foundational factors are envisioned to drive the industry’s evolution toward 2030:

  • To be successful when the consumer is the industry’s singular focus, exceeding their wants and their needs
  • To re-create a unified industry voice to advocate for improved consumer and producer outcomes – with governments, with regulators and with sales channel partners

The intent is that these factors will having more engaged consumers, delivering increased sales and a more financially sustainable and successful VQA industry.

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Publication Date: February, 2023

Published By: VQA Wines of Ontario; Wine Growers of Ontario; and Ontario Craft Wineries

Click here to access Ontario’s VQA Wine and Grape Industry 2030 Vision

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