The 2021 Census of Agriculture results show that Ontario accounted for over one-quarter (25.5%) of total farms in Canada, while making up 7.7% of total farm area. In 2021, there were 48,346 farms reported in Ontario, down from 49,600 in 2016. The rate of decline (-2.5%) was slightly higher than the national rate (-1.9%). Over the same period, the total farm area in Ontario decreased by 4.7% from the previous census, down to 11.8 million acres in 2021.

In 2021, compared with other provinces, Ontario had the largest proportion of Canada’s farm classified as poultry and egg production (38.9%); sheep and goat (36.6%); other animal production (28.7%); vegetable and melon (30.8%); and greenhouse, nursery and floriculture (31.8%).

Other 2021 Census of Agriculture results showed that Ontario:

  • Is the leader among all provinces in the area of corn and soybeans grown for grain
  • Dominates in the greenhouse products market
  • Is experiencing an increase in the number of farms reporting renewable energy production (17.5% of total farms in Ontario)
  • Makes up over one-quarter (25.7%) of total farm operators in Canada
  •  Has 20,895 female farm operators (among a total of 67,390 farm operators)
  • Has the second-largest proportion of farm operators who reported working off the farm (a total of 33,150).

Published By: Statistics Canada
Publication Date: May, 2023

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