“Ontario’s housing needs can and must be met by developing outside of Greenbelt borders”, according to the Ontario Greenbelt Foundation December, 19, 2022 Statement on Changes to the Greenbelt Plan 

This brief video highlights the unique benefits the Ontario Greenbelt provides, to help ensure a safe and healthy Ontario. Spanning the upper part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe and then stretching north along the Niagara Escarpment to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, the Greenbelt is over 2,000,000 acres of protected land. It contains some of the most bio-diverse and environmentally sensitive areas in Canada, including old-growth forests, moraines and wetlands.

Benefits the Greenbelt provides include:

  • Clean drinking water for millions of people
  • Cooling effects during extreme heat events
  • Helps mitigate extreme flooding events
  • Greenspace for residents
  • Important migration pathways for birds and animals
  • A sustainable food source – home to thousands of working farms, with some of the most fertile soils in Canada; many in proximity to major urban centres

The Ontario Greenbelt Foundation works to protect and enhance Ontario’s Greenbelt through education, research, grantmaking and partnerships.

Published By: Ontario Greenbelt Foundation
Publication Date: December, 2022

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Click here to access Ontario Greenbelt Statement on Changes to the Greenbelt, December 19, 2022

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