This Summary Report compiles the views, thoughts, and perspectives regarding the Greenbelt Plan that were expressed during the Niagara Greenbelt Plan Review process. It is a summary of what the consultant team heard during the consultation program and is intended to capture a Niagara perspective on the Greenbelt Plan, what is working, and where change is needed in the Plan to better meet the priorities and address the distinct character of Niagara. In some cases, opposite perspectives were expressed by different interests, both of which are presented in the report.

The report is organized into the following five broad sections: Greenbelt Plan Benefits, Greenbelt Plan Obstacles and Challenges, Opportunities for Change, Greatest Opportunities to Effect Change, and Next Steps. In each of the first three sections an overview of common messages is provided along with a more detailed bulleted list of “what we heard.” The Opportunities for Change section goes on to describe proposed changes to the Greenbelt Plan, its implementation, and related policies, initiatives and programs that were mentioned in the course of the consultation.

Published By: Niagara Region

Publication Date: August 2013

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