The Niagara Cycling Tourism Summit 2016 took place on February 24th. This event intended to help strengthen cycling tourism and support business development in Niagara. The summit aimed to collectively enhance regional products, services and increase communication and coordination on initiatives supporting local community-based economic development in Niagara’s cycling tourism sector.

Presentations available for download include:

The Growth of Cycling Tourism in Ontario

  • Overview of the Provincial Cycling Tourism Initiatives – Marlaine Koehler, Executive Director, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
  • Ontario By Bike Network and Data from the Niche to Now Report – Michael McCreesh, Project Coordinator, Ontario by Bike / Transportation Options 

Cycling Tourism: Big Business for Small Businesses in Niagara!

  • Tour Operator – Rob Weingust, President, Cycle On Adventures

Plenary Session – Building the Cycling Route and Connecting the Dots – Local Activities

  • Greenbelt Route – Susan Murray, VP Communications and Operations – Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
  • Regional Transportation Master Plan, Regional Bikeways Masterplan – Loy Cheah, Regional Transportation Lead, Niagara Region
  • Greater Niagara Circle Route – Regional Councillors Bruce Timms and Brian Baty
  • Niagara Bike Friendly Business Network – Pilot Project Finding – Bea Clark, BFBN Project Lead
  • Share the Road – Jamie Stuckless, Executive Director, Municipal Bike Friendly Designation
  • Niagara Parks Commission – John Lohuis, General Manager

Keynote Presentation

  • Cycling Tourism Success Story, Wisconsin, USA – Dave Cieslewicz – Executive Director, Wisconsin Bike Federation and former Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin

Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre

  • Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre – Susan Morin, Business Development Manager, Venture Niagara / Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre

Hosted By: Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre

Publication Date: March 2016

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