Helen Hirsh Spence, CEO and Founder at Top Sixty Over Sixty joins the program to discuss empowering older workers (over the age of 55) to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

Key takeaways from the episode:

  • While ageism is typically associated with wrongful dismissal from a job, it is also associated with having a widespread effect on older workers who internalize feelings of ageism through cultural messaging.
  • With working past the age of 65 than ever before, career development training and opportunities must be made available to older workers, who are able to participate in the workforce and are uniquely positioned with corporate memory and experience.
  • Older workers can benefit from training on how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset as a way to build confidence, identify new opportunities, and develop new values such as thinking outside-the-box

Published By: Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation

Publication Date: January 2019

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