The Hunger Count report presents results from an annual study of more than 4,000 food banks and other food programs in every province and territory. This comprehensive report offers stark evidence of the realities faced by the more than 850,000 people who access food banks each month: the reality that government managed income benefits are inadequate to support individuals and families who have fallen on hard times; the reality that a job does not always guarantee food security; the reality that safe, quality housing is too often unaffordable.

To address these realities, the HungerCount puts forward four broad recommendations to federal, provincial and territorial governments – recommendations that, if implemented, will significantly reduce the need for food banks in Canada:

  1. Create a basic income to replace provincial social assistance programs;
  2. Increase the availability of affordable housing;
  3. Reinstate and enhance employment and training supports for Canadians with low literacy levels;
  4. Increase access to traditional foods and reduce the cost of store-bought foods in northern communities.

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Published By: Food Banks Canada

Publication Date: 2015

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