Food price inflation affects Canadians’ ability to feed themselves adequately. While driven in part by global factors, such as rising input and fuel costs, relationships in the food supply chain have a major influence on how prices are transmitted along the supply chain, and ultimately to the consumer.

This study highlights the need to increase transparency in the grocery sector and to strengthen its collaboration with other supply chain members, to ensure fairness in the business relations between each link in the chain. The study also points out the important coordinating role of the federal government in working with all in the supply chain, as well as helping the agriculture and agri-food sector deal with inflationary period risks. Ultimately, the intent is to increase food security of Canadians.

Topics highlighted in the report include:
– Food inflation and its effects
– Drivers of inflation
– Rising Food Insecurity
– Relations and competition in the food supply chain
– Competition in the grocery sector

Published By: House of Commons, Canada – Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food
Publication Date: June, 2023

Click here to access Grocery Affordability: Examining Rising Food Costs in Canada


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