The general trend of economic downturn and major social challenges for many once prosperous cities and regions over the past few decades is now common knowledge. It is also generally acknowledged that smaller and mid-sized regions like Niagara, with a historical reliance on mass manufacturing industries, have borne the brunt of this crisis. This policy brief, however, is a more nuanced picture of the exact nature of this transition in Niagara. The purpose of this brief is to provide a quantitative portrait of trends in the major private sector drivers of Niagara’s economy to understand how a decline in the strength of the manufacturing sector has affected the quality of employment in Niagara. Additionally, the brief explores how the region can position itself to meet the economic demands and challenges of the 21st century.

Authors: Sean Calcott & Charles Conteh

Published By: Niagara Community Observatory

Publication Date: June 2018

View Filling the Void Policy Brief

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