Community Safety Zones are in place across Niagara, as part of the Niagara Region Vision Zero Road Safety Initiative. The Zones help to change driver behaviour, including reducing speed and distracted driving, and improving safety on certain sections of road where public safety is of special concern.

As part of Vision Zero, in 2023, Niagara Region is adding ten new red light cameras on Regional roads across Niagara. Red light running is a significant cause of severe collisions at intersections with traffic lights. Between 2014 and 2018 there were 1,429 angle collisions recorded at Regionally-owned intersections with traffic lights.

Published By: Niagara Region
Publication Date: August, 2023

Click here to access Community Safety Zones in Niagara
Click here to see the locations, on a map of Niagara, for red light cameras and automated speed enforcement.


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