This report summarizes a review of community bicycle hubs located primarily in Canada and the United States. The Consultant was engaged to review a variety of models with an eye to how these might be applied in Niagara. The term “community bicycle hub” is used in this report to reflect the generic term for models investigated in this project.

This project builds on considerable work already undertaken in Niagara to support Active Transportation through many mechanisms, including, but not limited to, cycling. There is a commitment from Niagara Region Public Health to address the social determinants of health and this scan searched for aspects related to this.

Lastly, there was interest in learning about what difference these community bicycle hubs have made in their communities. Although process findings were available (e.g. how many bicycles were recycled or how many hours of bench time were provided), outcome results were less commonly found.

This report outlines findings based on the interest areas identified by Niagara Regional Public Health, includes some suggested resources and summarizes lessons learned from organizations with history in this type of work.

Author: Nancy Dubois, DU B FIT Consulting

Published By: Niagara Region

Publication Date: June 2016

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