The Association of Local Public Health Agencies (alPHa) supports member health units to improve the health of all Ontarians. Information such as the following is provided on alPHa’s Climate Change page.

“alPHa strongly agrees that climate change is the greatest global health threat of the 21st century and as such is the defining public health issue of our time. We believe that impacts of human activity on climate change and its observable health effects due to more frequent extreme weather events, changing patterns of infectious diseases, and threats to the quality of our air, food and water are irrefutable. We also believe that there is an important opportunity to develop a multi-disciplinary climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy to minimize the effects of climate change on health.”

alPHa curates a list of resources to support formulation of policy responses to climate change and health, including: What is going on with climate change and health? (Climate Change Liaison Report #5 revised for alpha Newsletter – June 2022)

Publication Date: 2022

Published By: Association of Local Public Health Agencies (Ontario)

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