The Canadian Tourism Activity Tracker was an experimental product designed by Statistics Canada in 2021, to assess COVID-19 recovery of tourism activity in Canada. The Tracker combined data from multiple sources, including counts of international travellers, domestic and international commercial aircraft and surface movements, as well as hotel occupancy rates and restaurant sales.

The tracker shows:

  • All provinces have recovered roughly 85% or more of their overall tourism activity levels from December, 2019.
  • Overall tourism activity in December, 2022 reached 91.9% of the December 2019 level, before the pandemic.
  • While domestic activity (i.e., from Canadian residents travelling within Canada) reached 96.0% of its pre-pandemic level, inbound activity (i.e., from international visitors) was less robust, at 80.6% of the December 2019 level.

Statistics Canada states, ‘as an experimental product, caution is warranted when interpreting these estimates’.

Publication Date: December, 2022

Published By: Statistics Canada

Click here to view Canadian Tourism Activity Tracker, December 2022

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