In Canada, substance use generally peaks during young adulthood. Young adults attending a postsecondary institution have a range of new experiences during this life stage. Through the 2019–2020 Canadian Postsecondary education Alcohol and Drug use Survey (CPADS), Health Canada collected data on the prevalence and patterns of substance use and associated harms among postsecondary students aged 17–25 across Canada.

A total of 21,297 online survey responses were obtained between November 5, 2019 and March 23, 2020 from students at 41 universities and colleges/CEGEPs in 4 Canadian regions were surveyed. Survey results show:

  • How often alcohol was consumed in the past month
  • How often cannabis was used in the past month
  • Use of other substances (eg. pain reliever, illegal drug, tabacco, e-cigarette or vaped nicotine, cannabis or flavouring)
  • Harms related to alcohol use
  • Driving and substance use

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