The aim of this strategy is to:

  • make data-driven and evidence-based investments to build new and expanded active transportation (AT) networks; and
  • to create safe environments for more equitable, healthy, active and sustainable travel options to thrive.

The strategy vision is driven by six elements:

Awareness – raise public awareness about benefits of AT
Coordination – coordinate AT investments
Targets – support adoption of targets and data collection
Investments – guide investment of incentives for AT projects
Value – ensure AT projects deliver social, economic and environmental benefits
Experience – support AT as a positive user experience, particularly for vulnerable communities

Related to the national AT strategy, Queen’s University research is taking a pan-Canadian view of how sustainable transportation interventions can support health, mobility, and equity outcomes in cities – Kingston, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Surrey, Halifax, Saskatoon, Guelph, Victoria, and Melbourne (Australia). The intent is for the research to illuminate how to promote sustainable transportation habits that will benefit both the environment and people’s health.

Publication Date: 2021

Published By: Infrastructure Canada

Click here to access National Active Transportation Strategy 2021-2026

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