This report provides context on the conservatively estimated cost of living expenses for a reference household of four (two parents, two children) in Niagara for 2021, which totaled $74,984.

The report also provides a description of the methodology used to calculate the expenses in each category.  The 2021 cost of living and living wage calculation tools from the Ontario Living Wage Network use a weighted average of three different reference households:

  • a family of four with two adults each age 35, a 7-year old boy and a 3-year old girl
  • a single-parent family with one 35-year old female and a 7-year old boy
  • a single male adult age 35

The 2021 weighted average cost of living in Niagara region calculation includes items for a household to:

  • meet basic needs (shelter, food, transportation, child care, laundry, phone)
  • participate in the economic and social fabric of the community (local monthly outing, recreation membership)
  • buy goods or purchase services that can help to escape marginal subsistence (school supplies, internet service)

Published By: Niagara Poverty Reduction Network

Publication Date: November, 2021

Click here to access the report:  Calculating the Cost of Living in Niagara region 2021

Click here to access  the related report: Calculating the Living Wage in Niagara region 2021

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