This is an event recording of the June 4th, 2014 webinar with presenters Kathleen Batstone and Carol Stewart-Kirkby, funded in part by Niagara Region through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative.

Rowing the Boat Together* Sessions are being held for Front-Line Community Service Workers in Niagara, to build: Inter-agency collaboration for person-centered service delivery focused on client success. One priority emerging from these sessions is a desire to pull together financial literacy information tools to enable Community Service Workers to better assist their clients in gaining basic money management skills. 
This Niagara-wide Webinar held June 4, 2014 and led by the following presenters, was a first step toward identifying those tools.

During the webinar, Kathleen provided an introduction to financial literacy and offered tips for Community Service Workers seeking to access financial literacy information to better assist their clients in gaining basic money management skills. Carol then shared an update about Niagara Poverty Reduction Network partners’ work to enhance access to income tax preparation services in Niagara.

To read more on Financial Literacy, check out this blog post entitled “Promoting Financial Literacy in Niagara.”

*The Rowing the Boat Together Project is now referred to as Niagara Poverty Reduction Network (NPRN) Inter-Agency Collaboration

Published By: Niagara Connects;

Publication Date: June, 2014

View Building a Financial Toolkit For Community Service Workers in Niagara – Event Recording

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