This brief summary report provides an overview of a mid-2020 investigation of the theme of Advancing Hamilton-Niagara Supply Chains, as well as access to detailed materials gathered through the process.  The topic was examined through a series of 5 virtual forums hosted by the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics.

Forums centred around:

  • Supply Chain Oriented Insights from Recent Hamilton-Niagara Initiatives
  • Increasing the Competitiveness of Regional Supply Chains
  • Leveraging and Integrating Data for the Marine Sector
  • Infrastructure Improvements and the Supply Chain
  • Roundtable Discussion

Issues surrounding data were simultaneously perceived as the biggest opportunity and challenge for Hamilton-Niagara.

  • Improving data collection and transparency via data was seen as the biggest opportunity; while identifying the ideal neutral third party to host data was seen as the biggest challenge.
  • Challenges of managing diverse and even competing stakeholders is viewed as much more difficult than technology/data issues.
  • Accessing data for the greater good requires a lot of collaboration and stakeholder engagement.
  • Data is a powerful means to generate solutions to make the case for change/improvements in an evidence-based manner.

Published By: McMaster Institute for Transportation & Logistics. Summary Prepared for Transport Canada

Publication Date: September, 2020

To View the report click here: Advancing Supply Chain Logistics in Hamilton-Niagara

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