To support the implementation of a public health approach to cannabis (and other substances), CPHA engaged individuals and organizations from health, public health and social service communities across Canada in dialogue through local ‘community consultations’ that aimed to enhance knowledge and begin to build capacity to address issues related to cannabis. By engaging health and social service providers across the country, CPHA also aimed to facilitate increased collaboration among health and social service providers involved in reducing harm related to cannabis consumption locally and across Canada. CPHA will use data collected through the community consultations to build a suite of capacity building resources to support an evidence-informed community response to cannabis.

On April 13, 2018, 27 health and social service providers from across Niagara participated in a full-day facilitated consultation on the topic of cannabis. Participants represented a variety of roles in health and social services, including but not limited to social workers, managers, addictions and mental health workers, pharmacists and government workers. These people are from a variety of organizations, such as nonprofits, education institutions, and provincial and regional governments.

The Niagara consultation was one of 23 across Canada conducted by CPHA to gather health, public health and social service providers’ understanding of, and capacity to, address cannabis use through harm reduction and health promotion, data and surveillance, and community capacity.

Outlined in this report is the summary of the dialogue among health and social service providers to inform future work and ongoing conversations regarding cannabis, among both health and social service providers in Niagara, and the CPHA.

Published By: Canadian Public Health Association

Publication Date: 2018

View A Public Health Approach to Cannabis: Consultation Report for the Niagara Region of Ontario

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