The Willow Arts Community is a non-profit arts organization located in the Niagara region created with the purpose of integrating people who receive mental health and addiction services with professionals in the Ontario arts community.

A new partnership between Workman Arts (Toronto), Willow Arts Community, Rodman Hall Art Centre, Niagara Artist Centre, Niagara Region Mental Health, CMHA Niagara, Start Me Up Niagara, Oak Centre Clubhouse, and Mahtay Cafe, aims to bring meaningful opportunities outside of the mainstream mental health system to people with lived experience of mental health and addictions issues. Through this initiative, the project partners want to raise awareness of the prevalence of social isolation in people with lived experience and the benefits of participating in the arts as an effective way to increase the sense of belonging to a community, expand social networks and build social skills. This evidence-based program has been successfully implemented in Toronto by Workman Arts for over 30 years.

Media Release


Shauna MacLeod
Founder/Executive Director, The Willow Community

Phone: 905-328-9277

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