The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project is a provincial committee, originally funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, bringing Addictions, Mental Health and Domestic Violence organizations together. The goal is to transform services for abused women with mental health and/or addiction issues through screening for woman abuse, sexual assault and trauma and providing abuse/trauma informed services in the mental health and addiction sectors.

In the Niagara Region a total of 16 organizations have collaborated to create a training tool specific to the Niagara Region that includes information on how to support abused woman suffering with addictions and/or mental wellness issues, information on how addictions and mental health organizations can support and safety plan for woman dealing with current or historical abuse and trauma and detailed referral lists specific to the Niagara Region. The mission of this committee is to collaborate to empower women with complex, concurrent issues and transform services so they are welcoming, helpful, integrated and based on a shared understanding of how mental health, addictions, abuse and trauma issues intersect. The Niagara Region Woman Abuse Screening Project wants to ensure that every service in the Niagara Region is the right door for women dealing with mental, health, addictions and abuse/trauma in her life. The committee is striving to do this by bringing individuals from all three sectors together to share work, create a collaborative screening tool and provide free interagency training on the intersections of abuse/trauma, mental health and addictions.

Participating organizations include:

  • Gillian’s Place
  • Bethlehem Place
  • YWCA Niagara
  • Community Addiction Services Niagara
  • Women’s Interim Support Home
  • Women’s Place of South Niagara
  • Family Counseling Centre
  • Niagara Chapter Native Women Inc
  • Niagara Health – Addiction Services
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Centre De Santé Hamilton/Niagara
  • Probation and Parole
  • FACS Niagara
  • Design For A New Tomorrow
  • Niagara Regional Native Centre
  • Niagara Region Community Mental Health Program

Jennifer De Angelis
Women’s Place of South Niagara

Phone: 905-356-3933 ext 224


Cindy Jennings
Community Addiction Services Niagara

Phone: 905-625-5425 ext. 238

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